About us

First One Australia (FOA) is the name behind some of Australia’s favourite brands such as Naturoma, Lovercare, BowlFesh, Comsilk, LoverHair etc. With over 20 Years  of experience, FOA serves some of Australia’s major supermarkets & pharmacies. We focus on using innovative technologies that are environmentally friendly to deliver high quality products under our own well-established brands to our customers.

Our head office is based in sydney, australia. With leading development and technologies we focus in three major business areas: home care, health and beauty  and baby care. FOA extends its operation worldwide through product development and production. Furthermore we have distribution in Australia, USA and Asia via retail stores and pharmacies.

Our head office at First One Australia boasts an enormous 4000 square metre warehouse and a large showroom that stocks a huge range of products. We welcome all buyers to visit our showroom and have a chat with One of team members at First One Australia. We welcome any enquiries that you might have and are keen to further discuss your needs.

We are the first name that should come to mind when looking for high quality home care, health and beauty and baby care products. FOA is a large multinational company  with more than 20 years in product innovation, product development, manufacturing and distribution.

Products Distribution

We distribute our products in Australia, USA and Asia. FOA has established itself as a strong company with focus on strengthening our relationships with partners and assisting their growth.

Product Development

We research and develop our own high quality products in-house. With our highly skilled product team, we can manufacture and design our products that rival our competitors in terms of quality and content. We take pride in making our products the best, at low cost and high value. Furthermore we have great quality management controls to ensure that only the best quality products leave our factories.

Online Service

Our friendly website and helpful team make it easier for our wholesale customers to purchase our products and ensure prompt service to whichever location we are dispatching to. We have the option of same day delivery if you require it urgently.


Major retailers, wholesalers, pharmacies, independents and online

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