Lovercare Face Shield 10pc


One of the benefits of the face shield is that it can protect the entire face. The eyes, nose and mouth can be a gateway for the corona virus and other germs to enter the body. The plastic panel covers the top of the forehead and extends below the chin to prevent large respiratory droplets from reaching these areas of potential infection.

Lovercare Face Shield is used by the general public, in medical institutions, and sanitisation teams. The Face Shield protects and prevents the entry of toxic liquid spatter or splash, harmful airborne microbes and dust into the mouth, nose and eyes. It also prevents touching of the eyes, mouth and nose area.
The lenses are made of high–quality PET and high light transmitting material. It is transparent and clear enough to not affect the normal vision and can be worn together with glasses.

An ergonomic design that is lightweight and more comfortable to wear.
Easy to adjust head band and suitable for all head sizes.
Made of polymer materials to effectively prevent foreign body impact and liquid spatter.
The Face Shield is made of high–quality PET with high clarity and transparency.